Some Thoughts

With Nick D’Arienzo on the set of Thank You, Max (1986)

Random observations about life and film and art and whatever else might strike my fancy.

Nothing too controversial, and not too far from the central focus on film. I will use these pages to write a bit on things that would not fit all that closely within one of my reviews, but which are still relevant. I don’t know how regular it might be, or if it will have the longevity the reviews have demonstrated. Let’s just play it by ear.

  • Movies and Life (published July 13, 2018)—Living life as a movie
  • Photography vs. Cinematography (published July 20, 2018)—The differences in the similarities.
  • Simplicity (published August 12, 2018)—Overcoming the equation between production difficulty and quality.
  • Directing is not Film Making (published August 31, 2018)—Time to put antique ideas on the shelf.
  • Dreams and Films (published November 18, 2018)—The two are often compared, but how valid is the comparison really?
  • The Cellophane Wrapped Image (published December 19, 2018)—Some gripes about digital imagery.
  • Realistic Animation (published January 2, 2019)—The paradox of a worthless process.
  • Experimental Cinema (published March 13, 2019)—Why being called an “experiment” is the kiss of death for a film.
  • Favorites (published July 13, 2019)—What really matters when choosing what to watch?