Costume Films

I have a particular weakness for costume films, especially those set in the fin-de-siècle period. These three, from very different periods in my life, constitute a kind of unofficial trilogy.

The Off Season is my magnum opus student film, finished in 1982 and reconstructed, with revisions, in 2009. It remains one of my most complex and sophisticated films.

Naked Bastard, made in 2003 is my most popular film. The irony of that popularity is that NB was made as a warm-up for another, more complex film that never materialized. If you prefer to watch it at full resolution, click here.

Better than Wine, on the other hand, my most recent large production (2012), was produced with all the resources and skills I could bring to bear. So of course a common complaint is that it feels “incomplete.”  You be the judge. Click here to view Better than Wine at full resolution.