Baroque Narrative

Stories that turn in on themselves through reflexivity or impossibility or false continuity or which simply don’t make sense but remain compelling. My standby genre to which I frequently return more or less as a means of limbering up.

Fast Asleep (2002) was a throwaway project made to kill time during a period of unemployment and also to force myself to master Apple’s editing program, Final Cut Pro. Alain Robbe-Grillet hovers at the edges.

La Maison de Dieu (2009) also does a riff on Robbe-Grillet, along with a few other sources. It does for Rochester, New York what Fast Asleep does for LA. 

Native Alien (2014) was a bit more deliberate and self-consciously crafted than most of my baroque narratives because I set myself the task of creating a fictional city out of Rochester, Vienna and Budapest.

Hide & Seek (2016), the most recent of the baroque narratives, was done on a lark and may be one of my funniest films or videos, if you enter into the spirit of it. Borges is in the background of this one.